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What makes a business different? How do you choose which business to purchase from? Does it even matter? At Majestic Stone, we believe it does. After 30+ years in the construction industry, founder Robson decided that with the right team, he would make a difference. His team has set out to do this with a commitment to providing a higher quality product, more personalized service and a better overall experience to both home and business owners alike.

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Our Mission

At Majestic Stone, our attention to detail and the quality of our workmanship throughout the installation, reparation and restoration process has been consistently praised by clients and colleagues alike. When you find the stone that you’ve been envisioning in your space, you can trust that our team will ensure it shines as it should.

Are you considering a residential or commercial job that could be taken to the next level with the right stone? We would truly love to meet you and to help you find the right stone for your space.

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